I paid for 4000 grafts and only 200 grafts grew. went to get my money back , he refused accusing me of blackmailing him.

He may say that this was only a rare complication. IT IS NOT. just search on the forums for other unhappy patients of him

he have you to sign an arbitration agreement so you can not sue him. I do not see any reason for that other than the fact that he knows what a terrible surgery he would do.

He ruined my life. do not let him to ruin yours. research and find a good dr. do not fall for his scam advertisement of $2 per graft

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he is cutting his hair too short to make it look worse


he is cutting his hair too short to make it look worse


WOW!! I can not believe this doctor. I simply shared my experience that he did not want to correct and he added a review over here at pissed consumer saying:"DANOUSH TEHRANI CYBER TERRORIST"


Thanks for this.I noticed that he has another website now and advertises on yahoo.

I wanted to call him tomorrow.

Good that I did a little bit of research b4 calling.his new website is dr4hair dot com


Oh My God. So I am not the only Victim. Look what he has done.


Agree with bill . Sue and get your money back

San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica #127595

the scars can be repaired. but the hair cannot be restored any further. one or two failed transplants out of 5000is unavoidable and does not a reputation make.


dear god you look like freakin jason from fryday the 13th..get a gooddamm lawyer and sue the ***

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